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This Libertarian Twitter Celebrity is Famous for Exposing CNN

@markantro uses his reach for a good purpose.

Cashiers are doomed

Innovation will replace human operated cash registers with fully automated systems.

No regrets

Bitcoin regrets, Disney and Fox, Uber ambulances, zombie accounts, Saudi Arabia, Estonia, ridiculous Star Wars merch.

A Boost for Liberty

Spreading Liberty, killer morals, United States of Europe, understanding China, net neutrality, and innovation in health care.

What’s in a word?

Today’s Freedom Today Journal: Euphemisms, truly free speech, Russia Today, debt, universalism, robot muscles, death, facebook, online shopping, and China.

What Really Matters about Bitcoin

In the panic rush, let’s pause to consider the meaning of it all.

“It’s time for an intervention”

The drug war, IT security, daredevils, women, Jerusalem, Portugal, Turkey, academics, Russia, and North Korea

That all languages are created equal…

Linguistics, Hong Kong, solar panels, racism, the LvMI, smoking bans, Internet moderation, South Africa, sci-fi, & AI music.

Ukraine Online

Meet the Activist Trying to Bring Ukraine’s Villages Online Orest and Oksana Oliinyk in their shop in Khrystanivka. Source: Ethan Daish…

Chilling News for Internet Freedom in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine

Freedom on the Net The “Freedom on the Net” report by Freedom House shows mostly negative developments in the former Soviet Union….

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