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Improve the World, Not Your Like Count!

#Activism in the age of social media risks to hurt worthy causes.

Everyone Has a Worldview

Nothing to be ashamed of, we are all humans after all.

Blurred Lines

SJWs, happiness, populism, lines, the USA, Censorship, and casting.

Cashiers are doomed

Innovation will replace human operated cash registers with fully automated systems.

Resolutions Work. Does Yours?

Resolutions, feminism, Apple, Free spech in 2017,#RailFail, Donald Trump, fake news, and land ownership.

Coffee House Revival

Intellectuals, France, map services, Africa, playing games, and x-mas.

It was a good year

Progress, thought experiments, China’s policy, Bitcoin, polls, Christmas, and coffee.

A stupid ban on smart weapons

Smart weapons, Russia, competititon, machine learning, and the “Estcoin”

All monopolies fall

Monopolies, the Hitch, looks, waste, memories, Econtalk, Norway, and bots.

A Boost for Liberty

Spreading Liberty, killer morals, United States of Europe, understanding China, net neutrality, and innovation in health care.

Holier than thou!

Morality, polar bears, capes, Donald Trump, Switzerland, perspectives, fingers, and bitcoin.

What’s in a word?

Today’s Freedom Today Journal: Euphemisms, truly free speech, Russia Today, debt, universalism, robot muscles, death, facebook, online shopping, and China.

Let’s free Wikipedia from government bias

Wikipedia often conforms with government views. Academics can help to take better care of the knowledge that surrounds us. By…

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