Tag: Money

Check out these 7 crazy cryptocurrencies

Of course, there’s one called “Titcoin”.

Enjoy Your Instagram Freedom Responsibly

“Instagram Moms” are just a reminder that freedom is not free.

Resolutions Work. Does Yours?

Resolutions, feminism, Apple, Free spech in 2017,#RailFail, Donald Trump, fake news, and land ownership.

It was a good year

Progress, thought experiments, China’s policy, Bitcoin, polls, Christmas, and coffee.

No regrets

Bitcoin regrets, Disney and Fox, Uber ambulances, zombie accounts, Saudi Arabia, Estonia, ridiculous Star Wars merch.

Money, Money, Money…

Perspective on Bitcoin, contrarianism, Siegmund Freud, feeding Africa, rats, Mises, Jerusalem, Amazon, facebook Stalinism, vaccinations,

What Really Matters about Bitcoin

In the panic rush, let’s pause to consider the meaning of it all.

Freedom Today #6 — Dancing for Money

Photo: Deedster/Pixabay Freedom Today #6 — Monday, 10th October 2016 — Economics and Business The good economics of stripping, the bad economics of online fame,…

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