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Did the Kremlin Support Ron Paul in 2008?

Ron Paul was a long-shot, but even if he lost, he could be useful as a spoiler for a mainline Republican candidate.

Keep Calm and God Save the Queen

Bowing is beneath you, Britain.

Will we pray to artificial intelligence?

Anthony Levandowski, the American engineer behind Google’s push for self-driving cars – also involved in a lawsuit regarding his alleged…

Melting Pot? Salad Bowl? Neither.

[This is the continuation of my series of posts turning around the topic of free migration. Here are the first two installments: “Also: Free Migration” and “Three Ways to Boost Liberty in the World”.]When it comes to immigration to a country, one of th…

A Boost for Liberty

Spreading Liberty, killer morals, United States of Europe, understanding China, net neutrality, and innovation in health care.

Holier than thou!

Morality, polar bears, capes, Donald Trump, Switzerland, perspectives, fingers, and bitcoin.

What’s in a word?

Today’s Freedom Today Journal: Euphemisms, truly free speech, Russia Today, debt, universalism, robot muscles, death, facebook, online shopping, and China.

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