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This Libertarian Twitter Celebrity is Famous for Exposing CNN

@markantro uses his reach for a good purpose.

Blurred Lines

SJWs, happiness, populism, lines, the USA, Censorship, and casting.

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Causes of death, Genetics, coastlines, smart speakers, Tinder, and Blockchain humor.

Coffee House Revival

Intellectuals, France, map services, Africa, playing games, and x-mas.

It was a good year

Progress, thought experiments, China’s policy, Bitcoin, polls, Christmas, and coffee.

People before Malthus

Malthusianism, Trump, plastic, organ donation, Orwell, Syria, Apple, and crowdfunding.

What’s in a word?

Today’s Freedom Today Journal: Euphemisms, truly free speech, Russia Today, debt, universalism, robot muscles, death, facebook, online shopping, and China.


The EU, migration, tolerance, biases, feminism, language, anti-capitalism, kids’ jobs, Jerusalem, and cars.

Money, Money, Money…

Perspective on Bitcoin, contrarianism, Siegmund Freud, feeding Africa, rats, Mises, Jerusalem, Amazon, facebook Stalinism, vaccinations,

Fact follows fiction

“In order to create the future, we must first imagine it.”

That all languages are created equal…

Linguistics, Hong Kong, solar panels, racism, the LvMI, smoking bans, Internet moderation, South Africa, sci-fi, & AI music.

VIDEO: Ronald Reagan tells Soviet jokes

The American president loved a good joke

VIDEO: Margaret Thatcher on Socialism

“What the honorable member is saying is that he would rather that the poor were poorer, provided that the rich were less rich. So long as the gap is smaller, they would rather have the poor poorer. You do not create wealth and opportunity that way. You do not create a property-owning democracy that way.”

VIDEO: Margaret Thatcher: “No, No, No”

“Yes, the Commission does want to increase its powers. Yes, it is a non-elected body and I do not want the Commission to increase its powers at the expense of the House, so of course we are differing. Of course… the President of the Commission, Mr. Delors, said at a press conference the other day that he wanted the European Parliament to be the democratic body of the Community, he wanted the Commission to be the Executive and he wanted the Council of Ministers to be the Senate. No, no, no

Or, or, or, perhaps the Labour party would give all those things up easily. Perhaps it would agree to a single currency, to total abolition of the pound sterling. Perhaps, being totally incompetent with monetary matters, they’d be only too delighted to hand over full responsibility as they did to the IMF, to a central bank. The fact is they have no competence on money and no competence on the economy—so, yes, the right honourable gentleman would be glad to hand it all over.”

VIDEO: Catalan Referendum – Police brutality

Catalan referendum – Barcelona riots
#Catalan #Catalonia #referendum #independence #liberty #freedom #secession

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