Friday, 11th November 2016 — Politics and Debate

FTN Daily #34 — After Trump — True vs. Fake in capitalism — A Lithuanian guerrilla manual — and more

Fear Not Trump — We Advance Society With Ideas, Not Politics

We need not fear the orange one. As long as we take public discorse back from politics. Op-Ed by Yaël Ossowski for Freedom Today.

An American Post Mortem

With Trump elected, paradoxically, there is hope. An editorial by the FTN Editorial Team for Freedom Today.

Make Trump and Clinton Voters Friends again

Maybe it cannot turn your foe to friends, but at least artificial Intelligence could be a helpfully tool for understanding each other — for example Trump and Clinton Voters. An interview with Spencer Greenberg, the founder of the non-partisan organization by Anthony David Adams for ExtraNewsfeed.

Why Clinton lost the Election

It was not because Trump was so good that he will become the next President of the United States. Clinton was simply too bad, says David French for National Review.

True Capitalism vs. Fake Capitalism

Free-market capitalism is out of favor. But is the running system really a market economy or do we live in a fake-capitalism? Nicole Gelinas for City Journal.

Bring Libertarianism up to date

Does Libertarianism fail in challenging the issues of the 21. Century? Maybe it’s just need an update. The challenge for libertarians “is to find ways to update their doctrine to address today’s problems, while retaining and amplifying the useful parts”, says Noah Smith for Bloomberg.

When Voters refuse Peace

The Rejection of the Peace Accord between the Columbian Government and the FARC-Guerilla by the Voters shows that Referendums maybe aren’t the best tools in a democracy. Shlomo Ben-Ami for Project Syndicate.

How to Fight your Aggressive Neighbor — Lithuanian Style

Neighbors know each other. So Lithuanians know best, what it’s like to be a neighbor of Russia. The Small Country began disseminating a 75 Page Warfare Manual, where you can find Everything from Small Arms and Armor Identification to Basic First Aid and Survival Skills. Richard Kilgore for Breach Bang Clear.

Hayek and the Idea of a Basic Income

Libertarians and the Idea of a Basic Income are naturally not going Hand in Hand. So why did Friedrich Hayek — one of the major Icons of the Libertarian Movement — support it? Matt Zwolinski for

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