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Wednesday, 2nd November 2016 — Health and Science

FTN Daily #26 — Eating meat to save the earth — Why liars lie — How the world spun after Copernicus — and more…

Smart Fellows

Unlike children, dogs don’t follow useless orders, a study from Yale University found. Robert Preidt for MedicineNet.

Save the Planet, Eat a Steak!

Some say that meat production is bad for the Environment. “[C]attle don’t guzzle water or cause hunger — and can help fight climate change”, says Nicolette Hahn Niman for The Wall Street Journal.

Did it spin?

In his book “On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres” the mathematician and astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus developed Heliocentrism and disproved Ptolemaic astronomy. But what impact had the book really on Renaissance people? John Farrell for Forbes on a new book by Harvard astronomer Owen Gingerich.

The Impact of Helping Others

Teaching kindness is not only a top priority for parents and educators — it is even part of some relevant scientific ideas. The Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research with a summary for Psychology Today.

Why Pinocchio Can’t Stop Lying

It is said that you will be always a liar when you’ve lied once. Now science can tell why it’s in some way … true. Alice Park for Time.

Hope for AIDS Patients

A new drug developed in Israel may help cure AIDS by disorienting the HIV virus. Staff Writers for The Times of Israel.

The Unexpected Complexity of Yeast Bacteria

Decoding the essential genes in yeast seems trivial. In fact it’s a gargantuan task. Veronique Greenwood for Quanta Magazine.

Blowing the Cover on Publius

The Federalist Papers were a major source of reasoning for the American Constitution, written by anonymous authors. Scientists revealed the authors by using an early form of statistical language analysis. Ben Christopher for Priceneomics.

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