A molecule to harness the greenhouse gas. Also: HIV treatment, rockets and gearboxes. — FTN DAILY EDITION #146, Science & Health

Rodion Kutsaev

Fight AIDS to fight abuse

Better survival prospects help women to live better lives in general.

Jill Rosen for Futurity:

Papageorge says the findings suggest that giving women greater access to better health care can have far-reaching implications, even for abuse and addiction, two of the country’s most frustratingly persistent social problems.

Less domestic abuse after HIV care improved

This machine kills CO2

A new technology can convert the greenhouse gas for further use.

Kevin Fryling for Futurity:

The molecule — a nanographene-rhenium complex connected via an organic compound known as bipyridine — triggers a highly efficient reaction that converts carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide.

Less domestic abuse after HIV care improved

Big bangs

Newly released films show nuclear bomb tests.

ABC News:

For decades, about 10,000 of these films have been locked away, sitting idle, scattered across the US in high-security vaults. Until now.

Less domestic abuse after HIV care improved

This rocket to mars costs less than the Hollywood production “The Martian”

Exactly what it says on the package.

Ipsita Agarwal for Backchannel:

When the signal finally arrived, the mission control room broke into cheers.

Less domestic abuse after HIV care improved

Make it squeal

Your car whines while reversing. Due to simple physics.

Jason Torchinsky for Jalopnik:

There’s actually a simple, satisfying reason why this happens, so let’s kick some ignorance to the curb.

Less domestic abuse after HIV care improved


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