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FTN Daily #15 — Thursday, 20th October 2016 — People and Society

A Malawian woman fights child marriage, the stages of love, why you might dislike threesomes, and why a decentralized internet means more power to the people.

Fighting the Perverts

Some People just talk. Theresa Kachindamoto, a district chief in Malawi, combats child marriages. In the past years she annulled hundreds of those and sent girls back to school. Marni Fogelson-Teel for Inhabitots.

Till Death Do Us Part?

You want lasting love but you always fail? Maybe it’s not because you’ve chosen the wrong partner, but you get stuck in the wrong stage of love. 
Jed Diamond for ManAlive.

Everything’s Bigger in Texas

Texan Cities are growing and healthy. This new Texas urbanism is the result of business friendly policies and a can do attitude. Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox for City Journal.

Dad Time is Play Time

There is a Reason why Women often look more stressed than Men when they are Parents. It’s all about what kind of Stuff they are mostly doing with their Kids, a new Study by Kelly Musick, Ann Meier and Sarah Flood of the University of Minnesota and Cornell University says. Adam Belz for StarTribune.

Power to the People

Decentralisation means Power to the People — even or especially in the Internet. “There are three fundamental areas that the Decentralised Web necessarily champions”, says Matthew Hodgson for Techcrunch.

Do You Really, Really Like to Sandwich?

She knows if a bed sandwich is for you. Isadora Alman for Psychology Today.

Tinder knows when you look good!

Don’t know which Pic to choose? You can let Tinder decide. The dating-app can now tell which photo will be the most successful. Olivia Solon for Wired.

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