The rich history of seasteading. Also: online freedom of speech, the case for liberal empiricism. — FTN DAILY EDITION #153, People & Society

Sergei Akulich

Empiricism is not a crime

Classical liberalism needs to get out of the ivory tower.

Alexander Salter for Learn Liberty:

Good classical liberals, then, can only responsibly engage the normative realm of classical liberalism if they appreciate how classically liberal institutions actually work

Why classical liberals need a research program

Go to sea once more

A short history of seasteading.

Shlomo Angel for WSJ:

It was abandoned in the early 1950s and then occupied by Roy Bates, a pirate radio broadcaster, in 1967.

Why classical liberals need a research program

The state of digital freedom

A roundup of the biggest challenges for online freedom of speech.

Netizen Report Team for Global Voices:

The blocks raise critical questions about the partly technical, partly human-driven process that YouTube uses to spot videos that violate its terms or qualify as inappropriate for younger viewers.

Why classical liberals need a research program

Banging the drum

On Jamaica, a group takes the government to court over speech rights.

Janine Mendes-Franco for Global Voices:

The main bone of contention is the Army’s controversial tactic of encouraging survivors of sexual abuse to name their perpetrators with the hashtag #SayTheirNames, before the perpetrators have gone before a judge.

Why classical liberals need a research program

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