Panda thumbs, Chimp meds, scientific Zombie models and more Science & Health in FTN Daily #92, Wed, Jan 18, 2017

Monkey medicine

Chimpanzees eat certain plants as medicine. We can profit from that. Aurélie Sobocinski for CNRS News

Looking for a Plague Vaccine

You can never be too careful. Lydia Zuraw for Kaiser Health News

The bigot prince

Prince Charles trying to educate ordinary people on climate is a bit rich. Jacob Furedi for Spiked.

Zombie science is totally legit

Just the concept of zombies is already helpful to understand real world issues and develop solutions. Kate Baggaley for Popular Science.

Look up

How many trees are in your city? Treepedia at the: MIT Senseable City Lab

Thumbs up for Panda

Some panda species have strange thumb-like appendages, but their thumbs evolved for strikingly different reasons. W. G. Sheldon for JSTOR Daily

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