Vienna, Odessa, 2016, a Star Wars remix, and more Culture in FTN Daily #83, Sat, Jan 07, 2017


I see dead celebrities

Famous people are dying at an ever greater rate. This is because there are more famous people than ever. And why is that? Steven Horwitz for Foundation for Economic Education.

No, 2016 did not suck.

Quite the contrary. Alex Massie for CapX

Vienna, capital of the Free World

Vienna as the place were the ideas were formed that shaped our modern world. The Economist.

Odessa’s Basement

Odessa in Ukraine sports the largest catacomb system in the world.

Drone footage of skating on the frozen Whonnock Lake


Do you wanna get Trump?

Because that’s how you get Trump! Nick Gillespie for

The Power of the Force by Auralnauts

For all you Star Wars fans

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