We get it, you should have bought Bitcoin

So Bitcoin just hit $17,000, or is it $20,000. By the time this is published, even if I review it ten minutes before sending it to our editor Daniel Fallenstein, the price of the most known crypto-currency probably reached another high. If you’re reading this some time in the future, you might think “Bitcoin?”, as it’s decline has seen the online currency disappear. No matter what way Bitcoin, speculations are running on full steam. Online arguments vary between “Ha-Ha! Told you so!” and “I’ll watch you cry once this bubble pops”.

Most remarkably, Bitcoin has created this very widespread feeling of regret. The “if only had I bought at $X,000, I would have made so much money!” crowd makes itself miserably frustrated through the incredible (and partly unforeseeable) development of Bitcoin. I see people who genuinely depress over the fact that they did not acquire crypto-currencies years ago.

Rob Duffy, an Irish life coach also featured on Freedom Today writes about this in a blog post:

“So should people dwell in regret? In my view, it’s certainly not going to move them forward.”

In a comparable way, you also did not anticipate the gold peek after the 2008 financial crisis or the evolution of Apple stocks, but you were still able to reconcile it with your life. And yes, while Bitcoin investments are profitable, they cannot be substituted with the value that you generated through your own labour. The monetary value of today’s Bitcoin jump might be monetarily equivalent to a week of your labour, but in reality you have a very different relationship with money made from investments than money made from hard work.

So yes, we get it, you should have bough Bitcoin, but that doesn’t make a difference at this point anymore. The regrets you have in your life now are holding you back from making wise and informed choices about the opportunities of the future. In fact, every minute you waste on regretting the absence of your Bitcoin investment is a minute lost on your own creativity.

Don’t let that go to waste.

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