Culture— Saturday, 3rd December 2016

FTN Daily #53 — Questionable Artistry — Video Games — Open Letters — and more

Photo: aitoff

Apologies for the delay.

Let’s get started.

Welcome to the Museum of Bad Art

We knew you’d like it.

To Boldly Go

The Star Trek TNG intro in Metal. Glorious!

The true story of Nintendo’s most wanted game

How did a boring Nintendo game from 1987 become the most coveted cartridge ever? It’s a bit of a mystery.

Why gamers spent 3-years-plus studying GTAV’s Mount Chiliad

Some people…

The Best VR Game’ Secret

Keep it simple. Signe Brewster for Technology Review.

Should I Write an Open Letter About How Hard My Life is?

Of course not. Daniel Fallenstein for Freedom Today.

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