FTN DAILY EDITION #109 — Touch what you see, protect what you see, find something new.


The Heist

Russian scammers beat slot gaming machines.

Brendan I. Koerner for WIRED:

The machines have no easy technical fix.


Machine ballet

A promo video for Intel’s manufacturing processes.

Intel for YouTube:

Boxes of twenty-five total, 12 inch in diameter silicon wafers have to be transported within Intel manufacturing facilities around the world using the AMHS (automated material handling system).


Indian activists teach responsible surfing.

Subhashish Panigrahi for Global Voices Advocacy:

Over the past year, free and open source communities in India have built a campaign to increase public understanding of online privacy issues both with online and public outreach events.


New and hot

The best products launched in January 2017.

Product Hunt for Medium:

…from fast electric cars to AI-powered time tracking apps to a sneak peak into the future of the web browser…



World at your fingertips

Ultrasound makes it possible to “touch” virtual objects.

Futurism for YouTube:

You can touch this holographic globe.


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